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Mugen Injection [WeakReferenceScopeLifecycle]

WeakReferenceScopeLifecycle - создается новый компонент и помещается в WeakReference, до тех пор пока WeakReference будет содержать компонент, он не будет пересоздан.

// Create your MugenInjector.
_injector = new MugenInjector();

var alpha1 = _injector.Get<Alpha>();
// This is a same instance that alpha1.
var alpha2 = _injector.Get<Alpha>();
alpha1 = null;
alpha2 = null;
//Calling GC to clear weakreference.

//This is different instance it did not like was alpha1.
alpha1 = _injector.Get<Alpha>();
// This is a same instance that alpha1.
alpha2 = _injector.Get<Alpha>();

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