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Captcha Mvc [ Ideas]

If you have any ideas for future releases write them in comments.


Why in postback when the form is not valid, the captcha get black screen with a red cross on it?

Did Captcha Mvc have a mixing method verification mode?
I mean the plain and the mathematical can random change....

I am getting captchahelper.cs not found when the breakpoint hits "IsCaptchaValid" how to resolve these?

1. The Captcha spelling is not correct on the screen .. How I can correct it ?

2. The Captcha image is not displayed and shows RED X instead .. Also when press on refresh ==> this label disappear.

refresh button is is not showing
Here is my code:

@Html.Captcha("Refresh", "Enter the text shown in imag"
, 5, "Is required field.", false)
And here is the problem:

It is working smooth but refresh button is not showing, and it is due to style="display:none;"

<a href="#CaptchaImage" id="5f88fe4e11e743c6a8a8430de57cfcff"
How to make it visible?

hi , its not working with jquery post. please help


#captcha a {
display: block !important;

in woorking

Dear Thank you for effort to make captcha .
I am facing issue during kaspersky scan ,its block the file on given location ,And captcha not rendering only showing black with red cross line.

g:\CodePlex\Captcha\CaptchaMvc(Mvc 3)\Controllers\DefaultCaptchaController.cs:line 50

Note: there is no drive(g:\ ) on my computer

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