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Tag: Mugen MVVM Toolkit ReSharper

Today, I released a new version of the Mugen MVVM Toolkit, it is available at this link or via nuget. Moreover, I released the ReSharper plugin for the Mugen MVVM Toolkit project, it is available at this link or via ReSharper-plugin manager.

What's new in Mugen MVVM Toolkit:

  • Added the 'Should' class instead of the 'Validate' class. The 'Validate' class is now obsolete.
  • Added 'Toolkit.Annotations' to support the Mugen MVVM Toolkit ReSharper plugin.
  • Updated JetBrains annotations within the project.
  • Added the 'GlobalSettings.DefaultActivationPolicy' property to represent the default activation policy.
  • Removed the 'GetSettings' method from the 'ViewModelBase' class. Instead of it, the 'GlobalSettings.DefaultViewModelSettings' property is used.
  • Updated the 'ActivationPolicy' class.
  • Updated the 'Autofac' to 3.1.3 version.
  • Clean up code.
  • Updated unit tests.
  • Minor changes.

Introduction to Mugen MVVM Toolkit ReSharper

Mugen MVVM Toolkit ReSharper is a ReSharper plugin that helps with development in the following fields:
  • The ability to automatically implement the IView interface.
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